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The Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology is sponsored by the Systems Engineering Society of China. As an academic periodical in transportation and systems engineering of China, the journal focuses on high-quality, scholarly explorations and discussions among researchers, decision-makers and administrators related to transportation. Since 2004 the journal has been designated a Kernel Journal by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.
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2019 Vol.19 Issue.1
Published 25 February 2019
Decision-making Forum
Celebrating the 32nd Anniversary of the Institute of Systems Engineering and Founding of Civil Aviation Specialty
PENG Hong-qin, ZHANG Guo-wu
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 2-5, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 2601KB)
Group Decision Making Method with Related Fuzzy Multi-attribute Base on R-THIOWGA Operator
XU Xiao-wei, XIE Xin-lian, LI Meng, ZHAO Jia-bao
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 6-12, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4111KB)
Forum about Comprehensive Transportation System
Transportation Infrastructure Investment, Factor Market Distortion and Economic Growth
SUN Xiang-xiang, ZHOU Xiao-liang
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 13-18, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3503KB)
CO2 Emission Reduction Effect of Electric Bus Based on Energy Chain in Life Cycle
WANG Xue-ran, LIU Wen-feng, ZHANG Long-wen, ZHANG Mo
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 19-25, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3785KB)
Incorporating Environmental Consciousness into Low-carbon Traveling Behavior
LIU Jian-rong, HAO Xiao-ni
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 26-32, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3847KB)
Multi-scale Analysis and Development Evaluation of Logistics Hub Cities Based on Multi-layer Complex Networks
WU Tong-yu, WANG Jian
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 33-39, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 2342KB)
Calculation Method of the Freight Flow Sharing Rate of High-speed Railway Express Products
YU Xue-qiao, LANG Mao-xiang, ZHOU Ling-yun, WANG Dan-zhu, YU Xiao
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 40-44, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3010KB)
Intelligent Transportation System and Information Technology
Detection and Tracking Algorithm of Foreign Integrity in Railway Tracks
NIU Hong-xia, ZHANG Zhao-xin, NING Zheng, CHEN Guang-wu
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 45-54, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 6903KB)
Lane Signal Control Strategy Based on Maximum Capacity of Urban Arterial Weaving Section
LIU Wei, CHEN Ke-quan, TIAN Zong-zhong, YANG Guang-chuan
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 55-61, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4192KB)
Vehicle’s Multi-objective Station Selection and Influence Based on Different Information Scenarios
LV Qi-guang, XU Mao-zeng, XU Guang-can, LIU Yong, ZHOU Xiang
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 62-68, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4427KB)
Travel Mode Choice Modeling and Analysis for Public Transportation System: A Big Data-driven Approach
YANGYan-ni, XI Yu-kun, SHENYuan-fei, HE Fang, LI Meng
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 69-75, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4160KB)
Public Transportation Travel Multi-dimensional Analysis Method Based on APTS Big Data
CHEN Jun, ZHUANG Yi-fei, CUI Mei-li, WANG Yin-hai, MA Dong-fang
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 76-82, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4331KB)
Systems Engineering Theory and Methods
Bi-level Programming Model and Algorithm of Parking Demand Distribution
HE Sheng-xue, GAO Lei
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 83-88, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3400KB)
Distributing Model For Shared Parking in the Residential Zones
ZHANG Wen-hui, SU Yong-min, DAI Jing, WANG Lian-zhen
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 89-96, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3916KB)
Reward and Punishment Strategy for Bicycle-sharing Parking Based on the Game Theory under the Influence of Position Recognition Rate
WANG Yu-qiong, JIA Shun-ping, ZHANG Si-jia, LI Jun
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 97-103, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4958KB)
Mixed Bicycle Traffic Flow Model Based on Space Split and Perceived Density
LI Li-shan, LI Bing, CHENG Wei
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 104-110, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4152KB)
High-speed Railway Network Passenger Assignment
WANG Ying, LIU Ling, WANG Jia-kang
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 111-117, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4368KB)
Choice-based Dynamic Control Policy of Seat Inventory for High-speed Rail Transportation
YAN Zhen-ying, HAN Bao-ming, LI Xiao-juan, ZHAO Ya-qiong
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 118-124, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3918KB)
Safety-oriented Cooperative Passenger Flow Control Model in Peak Hours for a Metro Line
SHI Jun-gang, YANG Jing, YANG Li-xing
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 125-131, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3501KB)
Influence Mechanism of School Commuting Pattern Using Metro Smart Card Data
LIU Yang, JI Yan-jie, HE Min, GU Yu
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 132-137, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3309KB)
Target Speed Control Optimization of Train Movement for Saving Energy
YANG Yan-qiang, LIU Hai-dong, MA Cun-rui, XU Liang
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 138-144, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4269KB)
Evaluation of Road Network Total Travel Time Reliability Based on Fourth-moment
LI Xiao-jing, LIU Lin-zhong, MU Hai-bo
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 145-150, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3361KB)
Selection of Emergency Medical Service Based on Accessibility Calculation
WANG Qing-guo, GAO Sheng-lan
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 151-157, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4925KB)
An UAV Path Planning Method in Mountainous Area Based on an Improved Ant Colony Algorithm
TANG Li, HAO Peng, ZHANG Xue-jun
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 158-164, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 5340KB)
Multi-level Pickup Point Layout under Cooperative Coverage
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 165-171, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 5242KB)
Rescue Path Planning Model for Earthquake Emergency
AN Ji-wen, LI Xiao-li, FAN Xi-wei, NIE Gao-zhong
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 172-178, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3678KB)
The Efficiency and Fairness of the Assignment of Dedicated Lanes of Airports
TANG Qi-xin, TIAN Qiong, MOU Hui
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 179-184, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3520KB)
Identifying the Factors and Their Impact Levels on Severity of Maritime Traffic Accidents
WU Qin, SHI Xin, TAO Xue-zong
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 185-191, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3739KB)
Ship Risk Aversion Path Optimization Based on Pareto Ant Colony Algorithm
JIANG Mei-zhi, LV Jing
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 192-199, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 5199KB)
Inland Container Ship Stowage Planning Decision with Multiple Container Types
LI Jun, ZHANG Yu, JI San-you, MA Jie
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 200-207, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4057KB)
Assessing Bullwhip Effect in Complex Supply Chain Networks
YAN Chen-yi, WANG Xi-fu, YUN Li-fen
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 208-213, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3987KB)
Cases Analysis
Disequilibrium of Bicycle-sharing in Rail Transit Station Areas in Beijing
WANG Jia-chuan, OUYANG Song-shou
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 214-221, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 5579KB)
Diversity as an Indicator of Urban Public Transit Service Quality
WU Ling-ling, HUANG Zheng-dong
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 222-227, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3995KB)
Effects of Self-assessed Ability and Hazard Type on Young Novice Drivers’Hazard Perception
SUN Long, MA Yi-dan, CHANG Ruo-song
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 228-232, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3113KB)
The Impact of Family Climate for Road Safety on Young Drivers' Risk Driving Behavior
YE Long, LIU Shu-zhen, DING Zong-guang, GUO Ming
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,19, 233-238, 2019
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3214KB)
Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology

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