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The Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology is sponsored by the Systems Engineering Society of China. As an academic periodical in transportation and systems engineering of China, the journal focuses on high-quality, scholarly explorations and discussions among researchers, decision-makers and administrators related to transportation. Since 2004 the journal has been designated a Kernel Journal by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.
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2018 Vol.18 Issue.6
Published 25 December 2018
Decision-making Forum
Pricing Strategy of Parallel Trains of High-speed Railway Based on Passenger Choice Behavior
JIANG Wen-hui, LI Yan-lai
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 1-7, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3607KB)
Multi-dimensional Activity-travel Decisions Based on Integrated Model
FU Xue-mei, JUAN Zhi-cai
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 8-13, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3128KB)
Passenger Travel Choice in Multiple Airport System Based on Cumulative Prospect Theory
XU Ai-qing,CHEN Xin,ZHU Jin-fu
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 14-21, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4217KB)
Forum about Comprehensive Transportation System
Environmental Efficiency of China's Transportation Industry from the Perspective of Technological Differences
CHEN Lei, WANG Ying-ming
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 22-27, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4803KB)
Threshold Value of Income Effects of Transport Infrastructure: Take the Rural Areas of 11 Western Provinces in China as an Example
REN Xiao-hong, XU Cai-rui, REN Qi-liang, DAN Ting
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 28-34, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4394KB)
Intelligent Transportation System and Information Technology
Freeway Early Warning and Emergency Avoidance Model of the VANET Information Technology
LIU Hai-yang, FENG Zhong-ke, WU Yun-peng, HU Nuo, FENG Ze-bang
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 35-40, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3461KB)
Stability Analysis of A Car-following Model with Consideration of Preceding and Following Vehicles
PENG Yong, LIU Shi-jie, DENNIS Z Yu
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 41-47, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4590KB)
The Optimal Control Method of Asymmetric Traffic Flow at Signalized Intersection
JIANG Xian-cai, YU Chen
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 48-54, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3991KB)
Multi-AGV Parking Path Planning Based on Improved Ant Colony Algorithm
GUO Bao-qing, HAO Shu-yun, ZHU Li-qiang, YU Zu-jun
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 55-62, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4707KB)
Urban Traffic Flow Data Recovery Method Based on Generative Adversarial Network
WANG Li, LI Min, YAN Jia-qing, ZHANG Ling-yu, PAN Ke, LI Zheng-xi
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 63-71, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4783KB)
Modeling and Simulation for the Traffic Flow of Mixed Driving of Ordinary Vehicles and Automatic Driving Trucks on Double Lanes
MA Xin-lu, HU Yue-hao, YANG Qing-ye
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 72-80, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 5874KB)
Systems Engineering Theory and Methods
Workload Equitability-based Optimum Modeling for Metro Crew Rostering
CHEN Shao-kuan, MA Zhuo-ran, PENG Xiao-bo, JIN Hua, WANG Zhi-mei
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 81-87, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3580KB)
Optimization of Suburban Train Operation Plan in Mixed Arrival Mode
DU Peng, YANG Yong-bin
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 88-94, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3606KB)
Value of Access Travel Time for Railway Departure Passengers Based on Variation Structure Models
ZHU Hai, LUO Xia, CHEN Xin, LIU Yong-hong
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 95-101, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3766KB)
Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram Estimation Fusion Method of Road Networks Based on Adaptive Weighted Average
LIN Xiao-hui, XU Jian-min
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 102-109, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4987KB)
Nested Logit Model on Travel Mode Choice under Boundebly Rational View
ZHANG Xin-jie, GUAN Hong-zhi, ZHAO Lei, BIAN Fang
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 110-116, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3875KB)
Transit Assignment with Travel Strategy and Travel Time Uncertainties
LIU Wu-sheng, HE Jian, LI Tian-tian, SHEN Lan-lan
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 117-124, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3757KB)
Impact of Bonded Rationality Users’ Risk Attitude on Network Efficiency
WEI Qing-qi, XIAO Wei
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 125-132, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4466KB)
Network System Optimal Considering Vehicular Emission Exposure
TAN Yu, YAN Yu-song, SUN Zhan-bo, HU Zuo-an, YAO Zhi-hong
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 133-139, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3835KB)
Road Pricing of Traffic Congestion and Emission for Multi-class Users
XI Hao-ning, ZHANG Yi, HE Liu, ZHANG Yi
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 140-147, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4505KB)
Modelling and Simulating of Traffic Flow Considering the Cognitive Differences
ZHAI Cong, WU Wei-tiao, LIU Wei-ming, HUANG Ling
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 148-156, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4643KB)
Left Turn Forbiddance Model Considering Capacity Matching Between Upstream and Downstream Intersections along Arterial Road
WU Wei, LIU Yang, MA Wan-jing, LONG Ke-jun
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 157-163, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3787KB)
Optimize Signal Timings for Oversaturated Intersections Connected with Urban Freeway Off-ramp
ZHANG Nan, YANG Xiao-guang
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 164-171, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4303KB)
Illegal Crossing Behavior of Non-motorized Based on Propagation Model
MA Shu-hong, LIU Chuan-qi, TANG Da-chuan, YIN Xing-xing
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 172-177, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3277KB)
Optimization Design Method of Left-turn Bicycles Crossing for Continuous Flow Intersections
ZHAO Jing, XU Hai-jun, GAO Xing, WANG Tao
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 178-186, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 5310KB)
SD Model of Risk Evolution for Airport Surface Traffic Conflict
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 187-193, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 5063KB)
The Development and Current Status of Railway Container Intermodal Transport in China
XU Qi, HO Tin-kin, MAO Bao-hua
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 194-200, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4229KB)
Impact of Subsidy Policy on the Competitiveness of Container Rail-road Intermodal Transport
TANG Ji-meng,LI Jian,YANG Bo
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 201-208, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4962KB)
Pricing Strategy of Container Rail-road Intermodal Transport Based on Game Theory
ZHANG Tong, MAO Bao-hua, ZENG Wei, MA Cun-rui, ZHANG Si-jia
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 209-214, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3773KB)
Integrated Scheduling of Rail-water Containers Handling Operations in Intermodal Terminals Considering Energy-efficiency
YANG Yi-jia, ZHU Xiao-ning, YAN Bai-cheng, YAO Yu
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 215-221, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3954KB)
Transport Plan Design for Rail-truck Intermodal Transportation
JIANG Yang, ZHANG Xing-chen
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 222-228, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3533KB)
Pricing Game Model of Competitive Port Integrating Highway Transportation Service
WANG Wen-yuan, WANG Sheng-hua, PENG Yun, XU Xing-lu
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 229-235, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3748KB)
Construction of Intermodality Streamline Network Matching Based on the “Carrier Broker”
HE Zheng-gang, YANG Xiao-lei, JIA Yan-li
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 236-242, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3693KB)
Multimodal Transportation Route Planning under Low Carbon Emissions Background
LIU Jie, PENG Qi-yuan, YIN Yong
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 243-249, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4686KB)
Selection Model of Express Freight with the Consideration of Carbon Emission
ZHONG Xiao, ZHANG Yu-zhao, REN Bin
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 250-256, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3621KB)
Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology

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