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The Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology is sponsored by the Systems Engineering Society of China. As an academic periodical in transportation and systems engineering of China, the journal focuses on high-quality, scholarly explorations and discussions among researchers, decision-makers and administrators related to transportation. Since 2004 the journal has been designated a Kernel Journal by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.
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2018 Vol.18 Issue.3
Published 25 June 2018
Decision-making Forum
Progress of Operational Resources Sharing Methods for Urban Rail Networks
MAO Bao-hua, GAO Zi-you
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 1-8, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 5104KB)
Forum about Comprehensive Transportation System
The Subdivision of Railway Passenger Transport Market Based on Rough Clustering Algorithm
LI Hai-jun, LI Yin-Zhen, ZHOU Peng, ZHU Chang-feng, MA Chang-xi
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 9-14, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3385KB)
Multi-dimensional Estimation Method of Spatial Characteristic Parameters of Transportation Infrastructure
HAO Jing-jing, ZHANG Ling, JI Xiao-feng, HAO Qing-yu
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 15-21, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3872KB)
Connection Model of Highway Passenger Transportation Corridor and Urban Transit Network in Metropolitan Area
ZHOU Tian-xing, MAO Jian-nan, LIU Lan, YU Yi-fan
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 22-28, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4338KB)
Intelligent Transportation System and Information Technology
Coordinated Control of Urban Expressway Based on Synchronization of Complex Networks
PANG Ming-bao, DIAO Hua-yao, ZHAO Bing-xin, HUANG Yu-man
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 29-35, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4848KB)
Impact of Incident on Travel Time Reliability in Advanced Traveler Information Systems
LIU Yong-hong, LI Jing-long, CHEN Xin, LUO Xia
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 36-41, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3675KB)
Urban Traffic Perception and Critical Node Identification of Road Network Based on Trajectory Big Data
FENG Hui-fang, BAI Feng-shan, XU You-ji
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 42-47, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3594KB)
Car-following Model of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Considering Multiple Feedbacks
QIN Yan-yan, WANG Hao, RAN Bin
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 48-54, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4076KB)
A Vehicle Detection and Tracking Method Based on Range Data
LU De-biao, GUO Zi-ming, CAI Bai-gen, JIANG Wei, WANG Jian, SHANGGUAN Wei
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 55-62, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4991KB)
Numerical Simulation of Car-following Model in Sand-dust Environment
TAN Jin-hua
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 63-67, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3832KB)
Multilane Cellular Automaton Model Based on the Lane-changing Mechanism
DENG Jian-hua, FENG Huan-huan
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 68-73, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3760KB)
An Approach to Calculate the Loading Capacity of the Power Supply System for Dual-source Trolleybuses in Public Transit
BAO Yan, ZHANG Di, JIANG Jiu-chun, FENG Ran
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 74-80, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3934KB)
Systems Engineering Theory and Methods
Fatigue Driving Detection Based on Autoregressive Conditional Duration Model
MAO Shu-hua, WANG Xian-peng, WEN Jiang-hui, WU Chao-zhong, XIAO Xin-ping
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 81-87, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4136KB)
Modelling Merging Location in Freeway Weaving Sections Based on Gradient Boosting Decision Tree
LI Gen, SUN Lu
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 88-93, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 2885KB)
Non-lane-based Heterogeneous Traffic Flow Research Based on Social Force Model
YANG Da, SU Gang, WU Dan-hong
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 94-100, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3945KB)
Identify Risks of Pedestrian Crossing Based on Sequence Alignment Method
WU Wen-jing, CHEN Run-chao, MA Fang-wu, LIANG Zhi-kang
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 101-107, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3671KB)
An Approach to Classify the Public Transit Users Based on Macro & Micro Nested Data
SUN Shi-chao
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 108-112, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3321KB)
Driver’s Visual Load at Tunnel Entrance and Exit of Sections with High Ratio of Tunnels
DUAN Meng-meng, TANG Bo-ming, HU Xu-hui, HE Bai-ke, LIU Tang-zhi
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 113-119, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3663KB)
Variable Speed Limit Control Method for Freeway Bottleneck Area
YU De-xin, LIU Heng, ZHENG Li-li, MA Xiao-gang, XING Xue, ZHANG Hang
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 120-125, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4098KB)
Section Velocity Distribution of Traffic Flow Model with Weibull Distribution Based on MLE-LM Algorithm Estimation
FU Xin-sha, ZHENG Wei, WANG Xiao-fei
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 126-132, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3878KB)
Graphical Solution for System Optimum Dynamic Traffic Assignment Problem with Multiple-peak Demand
ZHAO Chuan-lin, JIAO Peng-peng
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 133-138, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 2951KB)
Evaluation on Equilibrium of Passenger Flow Distribution on Urban Rail Transit Network
HUANG Zhi-yuan, XU Rui-hua, YANG Ru-dong, LIU Wei
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 139-145, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4892KB)
Congestion Propagation Quantization Model about Rail Transit System
XIONG Zhi-hua, YAO Zhi-sheng
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 146-151, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3891KB)
Optimizing Train Plan with Multi-routing and Express-local Modes for Suburban Rail Transit Based on Bi-level Programming
TANG Lian-hua, XU Xing-fang
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 152-159, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3883KB)
Optimization on Local/Express Train Operation Plan of Urban Rail Transit by Bi-level Programming
SUN Yuan-guang, SHI Hai-ou, WANG Ying, CHEN Shao-kuan
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 160-167, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4087KB)
Air Resistance Coefficient of Hump Rolling Wagon Based on Fluent Simulation
YANG Jing, ZHANG Hong-liang, ZHOU Jia-jie, DUAN Yue-yi
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 168-174, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 5097KB)
Comprehensive Optimization for Turnover of Multiple Units and Utilization of Arrival-departure Track
WANG Bin, HUANG Ling, ZHENG Ya-jing, ZHANG Lu-sheng
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 175-181, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4455KB)
Reliability and Availability Evaluation of Train Control Center Based on Dynamic Bayesian Network
JIANG Lei, WANG Xiao-min, LIN Wei
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 182-188, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3557KB)
Unit Division Method of Railway Transportation Equipment Based on K-means Algorithm
WANG Hua-wei, SHI Tian-yun, YAN Yong-li
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 189-194, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3305KB)
Speed Optimization Considering Dispatch and Demurrage of the Tramp Shipping
YU Chao, WANG Zhi-hua, GAO Peng
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 195-201, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3756KB)
Integrated Optimization of Truck Appointment for Export Containers and Crane Deployment in a Container Terminal
MA Meng-zhi, FAN Hou-ming, JI Ming-jun, GUO Zhen-feng
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 202-209, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3977KB)
Profit Allocation Optimization Based on Multi-center Vehicle Routing Problem
WANG Yong, REN Yin-ji, LIU Yong, XU Mao-zeng
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 210-217, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 4380KB)
Disruption Management Optimization for VRPSDP with Changes of Customer Distribution Requirement
ZHAO Liang, LIANG Xiao-ping, YANG Hua-long, WANG Zheng
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 218-224, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3696KB)
Cases Analysis
A Method of Traffic State Estimation for Expressway Based on Multivariate Clustering Analysis
CHEN Zhao-zheng, WU Cong
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 225-233, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 5862KB)
Co-evolutionary Characterization of Economy and Transportation Corridor for Chengdu-Chongqing City Group
FAN Ying-fei, ZHANG Guo-peng, XU Meng-qing, MA Jian, JIANG Xin-guo
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,18, 234-241, 2018
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 3267KB)
Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology


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