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The Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology is sponsored by the Systems Engineering Society of China. As an academic periodical in transportation and systems engineering of China, the journal focuses on high-quality, scholarly explorations and discussions among researchers, decision-makers and administrators related to transportation. Since 2004 the journal has been designated a Kernel Journal by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.
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2017 Vol.17 Issue.4
Published 25 August 2017
Theory, Method and Practice of External Economy Benefit of Traffic
PENG Hong-qin,ZHANG Guo-wu
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 1-, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1176KB)
A Pricing Method for Ride-sharing Taxi Based on the Bankruptcy Model
LU Yu-ting,LI Deng-feng,HU Xun-feng
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 7-12, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1487KB)
Chartered Pricing for Small-size Cargo Express Service in Long Distance Highway Passenger Transportation Station
SUN Xi-an, CHENG Rui-li
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 13-18, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1363KB)
Housing and Travel Choice Behavior of Low and Middle Income Group
CHEN Jian, LI He-ping,ZHONG Yi-ying,ZHAO Han-lin
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 19-26, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1262KB)
The Impact of Seaport Investment on Technical Efficiency of Regional Economic Growth
LI Dian-sheng, DOGN Pei-gen,WANGWei
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 27-32, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1392KB)
Spatial Coupling Model between Accessibility and Poverty Intensity in Poverty Contiguous Destitute Areas
JI Xiao-feng, LIWu, HAO Jing-jing
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 33-39, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1589KB)
Integrated Scheduling of Handling Operations in Container Terminal under Rail-water Intermodal Transportation
CHANG Yi-mei,ZHU Xiao-ning,YAN Bai-cheng,WANG Li
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 40-47, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1466KB)
Review and Outlook of Modeling of Lane Changing Behavior
LU Jian, LI Ying-shuai
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 48-55, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1411KB)
Coordinated Approach of Intersection-group Based on Virtual Signal Control
CHENGWei, LI Zhuo, YUAN Man-rong, OU Si-jia
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 56-62, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1689KB)
Mixed Traffic Flow String Stability Analysis for Different CACC Penetration Ranges
QIN Yan-yan,WANG Hao,WANGWei,WAN Qian
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 63-69, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 2023KB)
A Quantitative Model for the Validity of Guide Sign Information at Intersection
SHAO Hai-peng,MUWei,YE Yi-xiang
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 70-75, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1395KB)
Vehicle Tracking Method Using Feature Point Matching Combined With Bidirectional Optical Flow
LU Sheng-nan, LI Xiao-he
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 76-82, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 2057KB)
A CA-based Simulation Model of Urban Railway Large Passenger Flow Congestion Transmission
ZHANG Qi, XIAOWen-jin, PAN Gang
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 83-89, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1672KB)
The Effects of Motion System of Driving Simulation on Stability of Car-following Behavior
SHI Heng, TU Hui-zhao, GAO Kun
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 90-96, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1735KB)
A Simulation Model for Subsidies of Urban Rail Transit BOT Project
WU Zhen-yao,SHUAI Bin,HU Peng
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 97-104, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1399KB)
Optimization of Coal Allocation with Dynamic Price
ZHANG Zheng, WEIWei, SHI Rui-jia, XU Qi, MAO Bao-hua
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 105-110, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1661KB)
Optimizing Adjustment of Urban Rail Transit Crew Rostering Plan Based on Predictable Events
HUANG Zhi-yuan, ZHOU Feng, ZHANG Zai-long
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 111-117, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1632KB)
Real-time Train Rescheduling on High-speed Railway under Disruption Condition
DENG Nian, PENG Qi-yuan, ZHAN Shu-guang
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 118-123, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1512KB)
Comprehensive Optimization of Train Formation Plan and Wagon-flow Path Based on Fluctuating Wagon-flow
YAN Yu-song, HU Zuo-an, LI Xiao-yin
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 124-131, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1608KB)
Network Representation and Sub-optimal Choice of Linkbased Dynamic Routing in Urban Network
XU Guang-ning,WANG Yin-hai,ZENG Zi-qiang
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 132-137, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1474KB)
Tourists' Congestion Perception Analysis Based on Ordered Choice Model
HAN Yan,WU Xin-sen,YANG Guang
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 138-144, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1787KB)
Dynamic Network Partitioning Method Based on Intersections with Different Degree of Saturation
XU Jian-min,YAN Xiao-wen, JING Bin-bin,WANG Yu-jun
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 145-152, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1663KB)
The Spatial Dissonance of Job-housing Location: A Perspective from Individuals’Attitudes and Preferences toward Commuting Time
HE Ming-wei, ZHAO Sheng-chuan,HE Min
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 153-158, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1287KB)
Urban Multi-modal Traffic Assignment Model and Algorithm under Transfer Constrain
WANG Qin-zheng, SI Bing-feng
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 159-165, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1629KB)
Critical Road Links Identification in Emergency Rescue Based on GERT Network
LI Yan-jin, LUO Xia, CHE Guo-peng, CAO Yi
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 166-172, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1498KB)
Emergency Rescue Path Selection Model under Uncertain Information
DUAN Man-zhen, CHEN Guang, DONG Bo, LI Shan-shan
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 173-181, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1383KB)
Vehicle Routing Optimization on Express Distribution
MACun-rui, BAI Yun, ZHAO Xin-miao, ZENGWei
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 182-187, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1211KB)
Dynamic Characteristics Model of Traffic Flow Based on Molecular Dynamics
QU Da-yi, LI Juan, LIU Cong, LIU Dong-mei, JIAYan-feng
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 188-194, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1350KB)
Passenger Liner Dynamic Fleet Planning Mathematical Model and Solving Method
QI Jun,WANG Li-zheng, SU Shao-juan
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 195-200, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1244KB)
Noise Abatement of Continuous Climb Operation Based on BADA
XU Yue-feng, HU Rong, ZHANG Jun-feng, ZHANG Fei-fei
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 201-206, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1681KB)
Forecasting of Airport Network Traffic Congestion Propagation Based on Division of Airport Subareas
LI Shan-mei, ZHAO Yuan-di
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 207-213, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1577KB)
Development of SCF Based on Operating Mode Distributions for Light-duty Vehicles
LIU Ying, SONG Guo-Hua, HEWei-nan, CHENG Ying
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 214-220, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1841KB)
Diesel Vehicle Emissions Inventory Based on Regional Difference
GUO Dong,WANG Zhan-gu, SUN Yu-hang, SUN Feng, ZHAO Jin-bao, YANG Kun
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 221-227, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1457KB)
Discount Card for the Passengers With High Travel Frequency
TANG Lian-hua,LIU Jun,XU Xing-fang
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 228-233, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1387KB)
Experimental Analysis of Diver’s Information Preference under Day-to-day Traffic Dynamics
YIN Zi-kun,GUAN Hong-zhi,LI Tao
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 234-240, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1849KB)
Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology

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