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The Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology is sponsored by the Systems Engineering Society of China. As an academic periodical in transportation and systems engineering of China, the journal focuses on high-quality, scholarly explorations and discussions among researchers, decision-makers and administrators related to transportation. Since 2004 the journal has been designated a Kernel Journal by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.
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2017 Vol.17 Issue.5
Published 25 October 2017
Theory, Method and Practice of External Economy Benefit of Traffic and the Belt and Road
PENG Hong-qin,ZHANG Guo-wu
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 1-8, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1216KB)
Suburban Railway Combination Pricing Method under Maximizing Revenue
HUANGWen-cheng, SHUAI Bin,ZHANG Qin-yu, LI Ting, HE Xiao-feng
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 9-15, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1433KB)
Relationship between Governance Development Models and Operational Efficiency of Urban Rail Transit
ZHANG Jian-han
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 16-21, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1438KB)
Impacts of Social Network Media on Departure Time Choice Behavior
ZHANG Zhao-ze,HUANG Hai-jun
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 22-28, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1826KB)
The Combinatorial Optimization Model Research of Congestion Pricing and Signal Control
CHEN Zhao-meng, WUWen-xiang, LIU Xiao-ming, TANG Shao-hu
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 29-35, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1768KB)
Traffic Flow on Entrance Lanes under the Influence of Signal Countdown
MAXin-Lu, LI Bei, XU Chen-Lei
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 36-44, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 2629KB)
Improved Road Detection Algorithm Based on Illuminant Invariant
DU Kai, SONG Yong-chao, JU Yong-feng, YAO Jie-ru, FANG Jian-wu, BAO Xu
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 45-52, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 2952KB)
An Urban Traffic Image Enhancement Method Based on Modified Retinex
WANG Feng-ping,WANG Wei-xing, YANG Nan, SUI Li-chun
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 53-59, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 2986KB)
Forecasting of Effective Parking Space Based on Grey-distributed Wavelet Neural Network Model
HAN Yin, ZHENG Zhe, ZHAO Jing, LIU Cai-yun
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 60-67, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1332KB)
Short-term Traffic Flow Prediction Based on CNN-SVR Hybrid Deep Learning Model
LUOWen-hui, DONG Bao-tian,WANG Ze-sheng
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 68-74, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 2015KB)
Vehicle Energy Consumption at Oversaturated Intersection Using Fixed Number Theory
ZHAO Hong-xing, HE Rui-chun, JIA Fu-qiang
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 75-81, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1295KB)
Modeling and Simulation for Trains Control in Urban Rail Transit
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 82-88, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1501KB)
Traffic Congestion Induced by Vehicle Energy Recharging with Cellular Automata Model
LV Qi-guang, XU Mao-zeng, XU Guang-can, LIU Yong, ZHOU Xiang
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 89-96, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 2577KB)
Dynamic Reliability of Day-to-day Network under Incident
CHEN Ling-juan,WANG Dian-hai, LIU Ling-li
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 98-103, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1956KB)
Boundary Control Model of Decision Making for Traffic State Transition Risk of MFD Sub-region
DING Heng, ZHU Liang-yuan, JIANG Cheng-bin, YUAN Han-yu
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 104-111, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1806KB)
Improved Macroscopic Traffic Flow Model Considering Intersection Blocking and Vehicle Lane Changing
YAN Xiao-wen, XU Jian-min, JING Bin-bin,WANG Yu-jun
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 112-121, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 2280KB)
Path Choosing Algorithm Based on Travel Time under Stochastic Time-varying Characteristics
YANG Ling-min, SHE Ri-hui, WANG Hong, ZHU Shun-ying
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 122-128, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1694KB)
A Method of Discrete Traffic State Identification Based on Deep Learning
WU Zhi-yong, DING Xiang-qian, JU Chuan-xiang
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 129-136, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 2045KB)
Modeling and Analyzing the Integrated Transit System across the Jurisdictional Borders
DU Hao-ming,REN Hua-ling,ZHU Zhi-hong
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 137-143, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1518KB)
Optimization of Parking Sharing Scheme Considering User Conflict
LI Tao, GUAN Hong-zhi
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 144-150, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1439KB)
Traffic Influence Degree of Urban Traffic Emergency Based on Water Wave Principle
HE Ya-qin, RONG Yu-lun, LIU Zu-peng, DU Sheng-pin
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 151-156, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1709KB)
Strategy of Dynamic Slot Allocation for Railway Freight Trains with Demand Diversion
XU Ling,JIANGWen-hui,LI Yan-lai,DING Xiao-dong
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 157-165, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1687KB)
Short-term Origin-destination Estimation for Urban Rail Transit Based on Multiple Temporal Scales
CHEN Zhi-jie,MAO Bao-hua,BAI Yun,XU Qi,ZHANG Tong
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 166-172, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1646KB)
Timetable Transfer-coordination Optimization Based on Transit Data Mining
LUO Xiao-ling, JIANG Yang-sheng
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 173-178, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1550KB)
A Temporal and Spatial Model of Congestion Propagation and Dissipation on Expressway Caused by Traffic Incidents
ZANG Jin-rui, SONG Guo-hua, WAN Tao, GAO Yong, FEIWen-peng, YU Lei
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 179-185, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1723KB)
Model and Index of Chinese Dry Bulk Shipping Prosperity Monitoring and Alerting
ZHOU De-quan, ZHEN Hong
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 186-192, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1424KB)
Multi-objective Allocation of Anchorage-berth Resources at Inland River Container Port
LIU Ming-wu,FENG Xin-ying,WANG Yong
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 193-199, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1522KB)
Allocation of Transport Capacity Resources during the Peak Hour on High-speed Railway
LIU Pei, HAN Bao-ming,WANG Song-tao, LIUWei-can
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 200-206, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 2439KB)
Airport Delay Prediction Method Based on Simplified Weather Impacted Traffic Index
GUO Ye-chen-feng, LI Jie, HU Ming-hua, YUAN Li-gang
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 207-213, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1770KB)
The Optimal Distribution of Air Cargo Transportation Network Based on Accessibility Index
CHU Yan-ling, YANG Zhong-zhen, FENG Ru-mei
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 214-220, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1643KB)
Noise Abatement of Cumulative Departure Flights Based on‘Green Flight’
HU Rong, XU Yue-feng, CHEN Lin, ZHANG Fei-fei, ZHU Hai-bo
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 221-227, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1936KB)
Analysis of Contribution to Urban Economy from Public Transit System Based on the Panel Data
WEN Xu-li, CHEN Xin
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 228-234, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1537KB)
Airport Capacity Expansion and Efficiency Change in China Based on Two Stage Analysis of DEA-Tobit/Logit Method
JING Chong-yi, SONG Hai-jun, SUN Hong
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 235-241, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1461KB)
An Empirical Study on Seven Factors Influencing Waiting Endurance Time of E-bike
ZHOU Ji-biao,WANG Qun-yan, ZHANG Min-jie, DONG Sheng, ZHANG Shui-chao
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 242-249, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 2337KB)
Reliability Based Optimization of Construction Arrangement for Single Rail Transit Work Zone
LI Yan,ZHOUWen-hui,NAN Si-rui,CHEN Kuan-min
J.Tran.Sys.Eng. & Info. Tech.,17, 250-256, 2017
  Abstract        Full Article (PDF, 1794KB)
Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology

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